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Email List Services

Information & included Features:
  1. Send email out to Groups of people via 1 email name in your TO: box - e.g. TO: email-list-name@domianname.com
  2. Have multiple email lists all controlled by the TO: e.g. group1@domain.com , group2@domainname.com
  3. Recipients can easily remove themselves from your EMAIL LIST via a link automatically pasted to the bottom of the emails you send from your EMAIL LIST or a link from a web site or a simple reply to your email with remove in the subject.
  4. EMAIL LISTS can be exported, reviewed at any time plus other management features by sending an email to your list. All results will be immediately emailed back to you.
  5. No need to BCC or have large TO: lists. All emails can be sent with recipients email address or the EMAIL LIST name shown in the TO: box
  6. VpLANet Server will log all BAD Email Addresses and try to find out why it was bad. It will also remove that BAD email address from the list and send you an email giving you all this information.
  7. This is the preferred way to send bulk mail since some Email Servers will “Black List” entire Domains that send very large amounts of email via the BCC: box
  8. The price for EMAIL LIST Service is $60.00 per year for each list of 1 – 1,000 email addresses. For larger volume lists, please call for pricing.
  9. If you have any questions or require more information regarding this newest Service offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.